Curriculum design and development is a method of aligning three unique areas. The curriculum that is planned, the curriculum that is delivered and the curriculum that is experienced. All three areas need to be properly synchronised to ensure your staff are appropriately educated within your unique field of business.

How we can help

Adjutus Training prides itself in creating and producing Advanced Curriculum Development and Continued Professional Development (CPD) services for both business clients across the UK. By offering continued and ongoing support through the whole curriculum lifecycle, we can offer monthly and yearly update services to keep abreast of the current and developing Further Education ‘FE’ changes to ensure your internal training schedules are upheld.

The methods used to design a curriculum is a continued process of critically questioning our own and others teaching methods and our clients intended learning outcomes. The purpose of this process is to interpret our client statements of need and developing those into very specific learning plans and relevant activities.

Assisting small, medium and large businesses develop their internal training requirements or CPD needs by undertaking an evidenced based interview, establishing individual industry specific visions and thoughts by focusing on detailed objectives and the needs of their unique staff.

We not only create and develop your very own training packages, we can provide training plans, lesson plans, trainer resources, advice on teaching methods and relevant processes to enable your business to progress your staffs ‘Continued Professional Development’ year by year.

We are also able to provide support to your business with existing training plans and content.

Designing a Curriculum

To design a curriculum requires a path of learning that is structured in such a way that the learner can complete activities to achieve a qualification or internal business certification et al. The activities are scheduled for learners to accomplish tasks that are wholly unique to a learning content.

For example:

The learning content of boiling an egg may be to use the correct pan, demonstrate and safely use the gas cooker and understand how long an egg takes to boil.

Once this content has been completed and learned, the task of boiling an egg can then be carried out concluding in the activity being completed.

In summary, a designed curriculum (Curriculum design) is several learning and development activities organized in such a way that they complete a syllabus. This syllabus will then achieve your own business learning goal

Our Services

  • Curriculum Development unique to your business.
  • Training and development support.
  • Blended learning advice and development.
  • Presentation design.
  • Mini workshops to assist trainers to develop their own materials.
  • Training delivery.
  • First Aid.

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